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Tro Breizh®

Let’s go for a whole “Tour de Bretagne” on Tra Breizh®’s paths !
Almost 1500 kilometers, gathered in a magnificent loop that you can accomplish in several steps or just planning to do it in once.
A centennial journey which immerses you in the History of Brittany… From wild moors to colored heaths, tram stunning seashores landscapes to old standing stones, without forgetting mysterious legends …

The Tro Breizh® isn’t an ordinary hiking, no places to link/assemble, only a loop to wrap up. Everyone of you creat his own path, following Brittany’s founden before returning to the starting point…transformed !

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With Mon Tro Breizh®

How could you resist to the walking call from “green” or “rediscovered” paths ? We work on a 1500km itinerary, jointly chosen with the Brittany’s institution we gather. We represent a whole project, here to enhance and dynamise our territories, giving the best Brittany’s highlights to the hikers…Everything made in Brittany !   The Tro […]

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