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Tro Breizh®’s rituals…or the words awaking people !

With Mon Tro Breizh ®, we do the Tro Breizh ®… the way we want to ! But we don’t do it alone…We are growing in a story, the one belonging to an old pilgrimage, looking deep inside us to make sense. Some words help, rituals and traditions too. This is common language, giving to each of you starting walking on Tro Breizh ® paths, the same bond.



“Telling me the words, the ones awaking a population and I will go, with a message full of hope, tell them again to my sleeping Brittany”
Yann-Ber Kalloc’h



Ar Penn Bazh – The crook

Through roads and through country lanes, I give rhythm to your journey. I support the one who is carrying me. I know everything about him, he picked me one day to be his companion in misery. I know his expectations, his pains and I guess his tiredness.

Each step is a new victory. Me, the dead wood, I give a new life to my owner. Me, the crook, I am the most faithful companion of human’s journey, and this since the dawn of time.



An Douar – The earth

I tell you the whole story of the one who reaches me on the day he leaves. I’m who he is, I am what he carries, I am what he brings with him, what he leaves behind him. I am the witness of his doubts, wishes, desires, loss and the most precious things he has. I am like his mind, sometimes strong, sometimes weak.

No matter what, I’m leaving with him, walking with him. I live his changes. I see the old human he was, becoming a new person, being back to life the same way a flower blooms.

I was his ground on the green paths of Brittany and I became his breeding ground, the walker growing up inside me. He didn’t know he was a seed.

Me, An Douar, I’m the one you leave at the foot of Saint Paul, Tugdual, Brieuc, Malo, Samson, Patern, Corentin, Melaine and Clair.…

I am joining the clods of each of you, hiking across the paths and becoming companions. I am telling a lonely past, opening on an united future, all along Brittany.


You leave your own place, taking some of your ground in your purse, in order to leave it on the 9 Founder Saints’s tomb :  Paul, Tugdual, Brieuc, Malo, Samson, Patern, Corentin, Melaine, Clair.





Ar Yalc’h – The purse

The crook holds me and each new step moves me, each break pacifies my leather. I feel the obstacles and victories. Me, the purse, I contain what he was, taking care of what he put inside me, containing the past, opening on something new.



Demat ! – Good day !

I am the Deiz (day) Mat (good), the friendly “Hello” you say with kindness. I am this little word telling the complicity of the ones living the same adventure.

Me, Demat, I am something you wish people, same as “Have a good day, Sir”, like a little noise cheering up your path. I am the polite Brittany.



An Tremen-Hent – Going your way

Like a path showing up when you walk on it, like a promise revealing something when you honor it. I am this small accordion, blowing up with the kilometers’ air. I am the music of the hiker, becoming the score of his memories.

No passport, no safe-conduct, no pass, no login, just a few pages testifying you progress.

I soal up the ink of its meetings, I collect them to sign up the path, I tell them for the next generations and I know it will live for a long time thanks to this.

Me, An Trement-Hent, I’m here to remember that the destination is less important than the things you learned. I’m telling you to watch what have been done and not what’s missing. I testify of life’s marks and memories printed in the heart beating inside you.


After each hiking day, I give the Tremen-Hent to get it stamped. A new opportunity to share the experiences of the day with my host.






Ar Parchenn – The parchment

I am not a reward but more like a recognition, not a certification but a memory, not a diploma but a witness, not the finishing line more like the starting point…Me, the parchment, I told what you were, and what you became, I am telling your Tro Breizh ®.

Thanks to the Founder Saints, it is all Brittany’s soul which, in a stamp, in now printed in you :

We, the Brittany Founder Saints,

Paul Aurélien, Tugdual, Brieuc, Malo, Samson, Patern

Corentin, Melaine et Clair

We testify that, being alive, you have :

Accomplished the Tro Breizh ®, antique “Seven Saints Pilgrimage”, looking back at your personal history,

Achieved the loop, drawing with your foot our “Old Fathers Land”,

Done the Tro Breizh ®, following the rising sun, discovering a proud and innovative Brittany,

Just to create tomorrow…


en Le Chemin
Tro Breizh®’s rituals…or the words awaking people !